Ministry of Oil: The international oil companies position operating in KRG to Federal Court decision

  • 4-07-2022, 20:16
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    Ministry of Oil issued on Monday, a clarification regarding the position of the international oil companies operating in Kurdistan regarding the decision of the Federal Court.

    "In view of the many questions addressed by the international and local press regarding the position of the international oil services companies operating in the Kurdistan region, regarding the decision of the Federal Court, we affirm that the companies (Schlumberger, Big Hughes, and Halliburton)  which are from ones of the sober international companies in the field of oil services chock, and according to its official communications to the ministry, confirmed not to submit to new projects in the Kurdistan region in compliance with the decision of the Federal Court and the directives of the steering committee formed in the Ministry of Oil," according to the Ministry in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    The statement highlighted that "the above companies are now in the process of liquidating and closing the existing tenders and contracts."

    "Under this pledge, they do not own a commercial entity or other companies operating in the region, whether with their trademark or for others or on their behalf, and in a manner that does not violate the decision of the distinguished Federal Court or intersect with the directives of the Ministry," inluded the statement.