In Vienna, Iraq discusses threats to food security and combating climate change

  • 23-06-2022, 10:35
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    Finance Minister Ali Abdel Amir Allawi discussed Thursday, in the Austrian capital Vienna, threats to food security and the fight against climate change.

    A statement by the Ministry of Finance, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "Allawi participated in the forty-third session of the OPEC Fund Development Forum, held in the Austrian capital, Vienna, for the period from 21-22 of this month."

    The statement explained, "The Minister of Finance's participation program included holding several meetings and bilateral meetings with leaders and representatives of the countries represented in the forum to discuss strengthening joint economic relations among member states."

    Allawi said, according to the statement, that "the work of the forum aims to enhance aspects of cooperation between countries around the world, open financing opportunities, and enhance international efforts to achieve development through international events."

    He pointed out that "the forum discussed the current challenges posed by threats to food security and combating climate change," stressing "the importance of pushing forward the great developmental impacts and achieving a fair transition of energy, as it is the main engine and an active element in achieving sustainable development."

    The statement added, "During the 43rd forum meeting, several topics were considered and viewed, most notably: the annual report of the OPEC Fund for Development for the fiscal year 2021 and the report of the external auditor, and consideration of the approval of the distribution of the net income of the OPEC regular fund for the fiscal year 2021 and the appointment of the external auditor, In addition to reviewing the developments of the OPEC Fund for Development borrowing program and developments in the payment of arrears of member states, as well as discussing the determination of the place and date of the Ministerial Council meeting for the year 2023.

    It is noteworthy that the forum is being held with the participation of leaders of governments and partner countries of the Fund, heads of institutions of the Arab Coordination Group, officials of development banks and international organizations, in addition to representatives of the private sector and a group of specialized experts.