Iraq: Indian ambassador summoned in protest against insulting the Holy Prophet

  • 6-06-2022, 19:30
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    The Parliamentary Endowments and Tribes Committee called on Monday, for the Indian ambassador to be summoned in a protest against statements that are offensive to the Holy Prophet.

    The committee said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency - INA, that it "expresses strong condemnation to the inaccuracies of the spokeswoman for the Bharatiya Janata Party, the Indian ruling party, as it contained an insult to the Holy Messenger Muhammad, "Peace and prayer be upon him, his family" a few days ago."

    The statement noted that "these abuses, malicious and disgraceful acts will have serious repercussions and, if not contained, may lead to dire consequences that will have unimaginable consequences for the peaceful coexistence, as well as increase strife and tensions between peoples."

    "The religion of Islam is a religion of peace and that the Prophet Muhammad, "Peace and prayer be upon him, his family" is the banner of this religion and the Messenger of God over people, as any insult and abuse directed at any prophet, religion or belief is rejected and condemned by all man-made laws and United Nations regulations. The Iraqi government takes its role in confronting such behaviors and summons the Indian ambassador and delivers a protest note to him in rejection of this abuse and the need to respect beliefs and religions in addition to hold accountable those who committed these perverted acts to be a lesson for those who try to harm religious symbols," included the statement.