INSS in Maysan dismantles a drug trafficking network in Middle Euphrates

  • 16-05-2022, 11:40
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    Iraqi National Security Service announced Monday the dismantling of a drug trafficking network that had in their possession 15 kilograms of crystal and hashish in the central Euphrates regions.

     A statement of the INSS, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), stated that "based on intelligence information and after obtaining judicial approvals, the Maysan security detachments of the National Security Service managed, in a tight ambush, to arrest one of the largest drug dealers in the province."

    It added, "The accused was in possession of about (14) kg of crystal and (1) kg of hashish, and according to his information , the four members of his network were identified, who were distributed in the holy Karbala and Najaf governorates."

    The statement continued, "Their dens were raided and arrested, and a sum of money of about (13) million Iraqi dinars was seized from them for the purpose of trading.

    It also pointed out that "the statements of the accused were fundamentally recorded and referred to the competent legal authorities to take the necessary measures against them," noting that "the materials will be handed over to the concerned health departments by a judicial decision for the purpose of destroying them."