MP: Voting on Emergency Support for Food Security and Development law, next week

  • 11-05-2022, 20:39
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    BAGHDAD - Conscious

    Parliamentary Finance Committee member Khalil Doski expected the completion of discussions on the draft law of Emergency Support for Food Security and Development to be on Thursday and the voting to be next week.

    "Tomorrow will be a re-formulate to some points in emergency support for food security and development, as we expect the law to be voted on next week," said Doski to Al-Iraqiya News TV followed up by the Iraqi News Agency - INA.

    He noted, "There is optimism within the various parliamentary finance committee members to reach a final version of the project tomorrow."

    Regarding hosting the Minister of Water Resources today within the Committee, he explained that "the issue of water projects is important and vital for it felt the Parliament needs to highlight the debates about the law of emergency support by searching for financial dams allocations and irrigation canals because it is linked to food security and tomorrow, this file will determine the final amounts."

    He stressed that "the Finance Committee amended the ratios by a copy of the law of the government amounts to clear and canceled domestic and foreign loans as well as added amounts for the purchase of food supplies and buy grain as wheat and pay the debts of peasants and the amounts of regional development projects."

    During hosting and Water Resources Minister Mehdi al-Hamdani today in the Committee, the President of the Parliamentary Finance Committee Hassan al-Kaabi, stressed on Wednesday, to go to support projects and ministries of water resources and trade to achieve food security.

    Al-Kaabi said in a speech during the hosting that INA attended, "We thank the Speaker of the Parliament gesture on meeting the needs of the Ministry of Water Resources under the current circumstances as there is a tendency towards supporting projects to achieve food security, particularly the ministries of relates to resources and trade."

    He noted that the "Parliamentary Finance met with the Minister of Resources and discussed the ministry allocations and tables provided by the ministry to parliamentary finance and would be suitable for the development of an amount commensurate with the remaining period of time and with the ministry's plan and not necessarily the same amount made by the ministry allocates but meets the ministry needs satisfactorily."