Iraq.. Plans to assemble combat aircraft and start manufacturing weapons that achieve self-sufficiency

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  • 4-05-2022, 13:26
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    The defence industries commission confirmed the entry of new production lines for the manufacture of weapons and light munitions into service and the move towards assembling combat aircraft and other manufacturing for control, while indicating the conclusion of memoranda of understanding with several countries to support the arms industry process.

     The head of defence industries commission , Muhammad Sahib Al-Daraji, said, in an interview with the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "there are new production lines for the manufacture of weapons and light munitions, some of which have entered service, and the other part is in the process of reaching the stage of starting production operations."

     Memoranda of Understanding to support the arms industry

     Al-Darraji confirmed in his speech, that "Iraq has concluded memoranda of understanding with several countries to enhance the process of arming the security forces, transfer technology and help develop our war industry," noting that "the extent of the impact and credibility of these memoranda is evidenced by experience, so far, we have concluded memoranda with Turkey and Poland, and we are in the framework of signing memoranda of cooperation with Britain and Pakistan, and the success of the issue becomes clear over time."

     A new strategy for the defense capacity building process

     On the development and building of Iraq’s defense capabilities, the head of the Commission explained, “The conditions that Iraq went through drained military and economic energies and resources, and we need a new strategy to build our defense capabilities and the capabilities of the army, and this strategy must be built on the basis that the country’s strength is a cause for peace, and weapons a means of deterrence only for anyone who thinks of attacking the country."

     He added, "We need a great development in the quantity and type of weapons, and also the wars have changed, and cybersecurity, electronic and economic warfare has a clear role, and the settlement of the military industry in Iraq is of very great importance in warding off the economic war on the country, preserving the hard currency and strengthening Iraq's national security."

     Achieving self-sufficiency

     Al-Darraji added, "In order to reach a good level of sufficiency in the armament aspect, a clear strategy must be applied, as it must cooperate with the private sector, and the thinking of the state and the official is based on the fact that the final consumer who needs to support it and achieve sufficiency is the army, by strengthening the work of the defense industries commission and achieving sufficiency."  desired."

     He stressed the importance of consolidating the idea of weapons manufacturing in the country as a national duty that supports national security and is of great economic benefit to the country because it will prevent the exit of funds that can be used internally.

     aircraft assembly

     Regarding the issue of assembling and manufacturing aircraft of all kinds, the head of the commission , Muhammad Sahib al-Daraji, said, "We have a project to assemble combat aircraft, and the state has adopted a locally manufactured fighter jet project. 

    We have discussions with some countries to assemble helicopters in Iraq, as well as repair and maintenance operations."

     He added, "The commission has also adopted more than assembly with surveillance planes, as the hulls were manufactured inside Iraq, and three models were completed."

     Requirements for the development of the arms industry

     Regarding the requirements for developing the military industry in Iraq, Al-Darraji explained, “Military industrialization needs to renew the  workers and provide them with young engineers and technicians that their horizon is capable of development through the digital revolution that exists in the world now, and we need to interweave between the old experience and the new youthful energies.”