SJC elaborates the death sentence verdict against 4 accused of attacking Aziziyah power station

  • 11-03-2022, 10:36
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    The Supreme Judicial Council-SJC- clarified today, Friday, the details of the death sentence verdict against four accused of attacking Aziziyah power station.
    Wasit Criminal Court conducted on March 10, 2022,  the trial in the criminal case No. 181/C/ 2022 regarding the crime attributed to the defendants: Kadhim Hadi Kadhim, Muhammad Attia Hussein, Abbas Ali Aziz and Hussein Saddam Hashem in accordance with Article 4/1 and in terms of Articles 2, 3 and 7 of Anti-Terrorism Law No. 13 of 2005, and each of them was sentenced to death, as the aforementioned defendants agreed on June 30, 2021 to attack Aziziyah Electricity Distribution Station and throw a grenade at the station’s protection personnel. The incident led to the martyrdom of the detachment Captain Ali Abdul-Hussein Shayesh, as a result of being hit in the head and chest area by shrapnel from that bomb, and the series injury of the policemen, Nassar Sobeih Tayeh and Ghazwan Abdul-Karim Hassan. The attack also caused the damage in parts of the station’s system, and the defendants openly admitted the act committed by them before the investigator and the investigative judge after providing them with all legal guarantees, said the media office of SJC in a statement, received by The Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement indicated that the case will be sent to the Court of Cassation for scrutiny in accordance with the law and to issue the final decision.