Member of Karbala Police Returns 150 m ID back to Owner

  • 12-11-2018, 10:23
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      INA - Baghdad A Member of the Karbala Police Force, which is responsible of protecting the Governorate Police chief, returned a purse containing a certified and readily payable check for the sum of 150 m Iraqi Dinars in addition to an IPhone 7 plus cell phone back to their owner. A statement by Karbala police office, a copy of which was received by INA, said that Police Sergeant Abbas Hamza Mahmood, a member of the Karbala police force which is responsible of protecting the governorate police chief, found a purse inside which were a certified and payable check for the sum of 150 m Iraqi Dinars as well as an IPhone 7 plus cell phone. Sergeant Mahmood immediately contacted the purse owner, and after introducing himself informed him that his purse with all contents is there with him and he can come to collect them. As Sergeant Mahmood was handing over the purse and phone to their owner the latter went on to express his thanks and deep gratitude to the honest police officer. The statement added that the Karbala Police chief, Major General Ahmad Ali Zwaini, decided to reward the police officer both materially and morally by addressing him with a letter of thanks and esteem and to meet him in person as well as formally through the Interior Ministry’s Information Office. In addition to this, and to recognize his honesty and sincerity, a letter will be issued to all Ministry offices in the governorate calling on all its members to follow Sergeant Mahmood’s example.