MOI counts the number of martyrs since 2003  

  • 13-01-2022, 21:51
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    Baghdad - INA - Falih Al-Obaidi 

    The Ministry of Interior counted, today, Thursday, the number of martyrs and wounded among its employees since 2003 until now, while it identified those covered by retirement from the category of wounded. 

    The director of the Directorate of Martyrs and Wounded Affairs in the ministry, Zamil Al-Saadi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the number of the ministry's martyrs since 2003 until now has reached 29,300, and the number of the wounded has reached 45,000," noting that "the injuries of the wounded are divided into Several sections, severe, medium and light.
    He explained, "The owners of light injuries are returned to their units after their recovery, and the medium ones are those with disability rates, and as for severe injuries with more than 60%, they are referred to retirement with a full salary without deduction according to Law 57 after the legal examination of the injury.". 

    He stressed, "The Directorate follows up on the affairs of the wounded and the families of the martyrs, and there is a division of the dead and missing, through which all the sacrifices of the Ministry's employees of the martyrs, the wounded and the missing are confirmed," noting that "the Ministry sent 551 cases of the wounded for treatment or to have prosthetic limbs stretched outside Iraq and in countries including them." Turkey, Iran and Germany, as well as Lebanon, India and Jordan. 

    He added, "The Al-Warith Center in Iraq has manufactured nearly 250 artificial limbs for the ministry's wounded, and contracts are continuing in this regard," pointing out that "there are rehabilitation centers, as 1,400 wounded are admitted to those centers, where about 400 wounded are rehabilitated annually.". 

    He continued, "According to the law, the fighter, even if his service is for one month, and he is exposed to a terrorist act, 15 years of service is calculated for him and he is given full privileges," noting that "the salary of the wounded and martyr is determined according to military ranks, and all rights within the Ministry of Interior are fulfilled by law, There are other entitlements for the wounded and martyrs, such as residential plots, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Housing and Construction. 

    And on facilitating the completion of transactions, Al-Saadi noted that "the directorate has established electronic links to relieve citizens and receive requests and answer them electronically."