Iraqi F-16 air strike kills 6 terrorists in Anbar desert

  • 6-12-2021, 20:09
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    The Security Media Cell announced on Monday, that 6 terrorists were killed in an air strike by Iraqi F-16 warplanes in Anbar desert.
    "With a qualitative operation, Joint Targeting Cell for the Joint Operations Command detected a den of Daesh terrorist gangs north of the 160 kilometer area in Anbar desert, by means of a reconnaissance plane of the International Coalition and instructed the Air Force Command to carry out an aircraft strike by Iraqi F-16s,” according to a statement by Security Media Cell, received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    The statement included that "the operation resulted in the killing of 6 terrorists, while a force from the 5th Division is now searching the place for any other terrorist elements, equipment or weapons in the same place,"