IHEC announces election results

  • 30-11-2021, 19:54
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    The High Elections Commission announced the names of the winning political blocs in the parliamentary elections.
    The Sadrist bloc won 73 seats, followed by Taqadum alliance with 37 seats, and the State of Law alliance with 33 seats.
    While the Kurdistan Democratic Party won 31 seats, 14 seats for the Azm Alliance, and 17 seats for the Kurdistan Alliance.
    The Al-Fateh Alliance won 17 seats, and Ishraqat Kanon got 6 seats, while the State Forces Alliance won 4 seats, the National Contract Alliance ( Al- Aqid) got 4 seats, the Hasm Reform Movement alliance got 3 seats, the Babylon movement got 4 seats, the Our People’s Identity Alliance got 3 seats, and the Turkmen Front for a united Iraq got 1seat, The New Generation Movement for 9 seats, the Imtidad Movement for 9 seats, and the Alliance of Tasmim 5 seats.
    The number of parties winning one seat reached 16, while the number of seats for individuals winning the elections reached 43, shared between 38 men and 5 women.