Initial investigation report around attempted assassination of PM Al-Kadhimi

  • 29-11-2021, 19:10
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    National Security Adviser Qassim Al-Araji revealed on Monday, the results of the preliminary report of the investigation around the attempted assassination of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi.
    "The investigative committee hosted important figures with competence for the requirements of the investigation," said Al-Araji in a press conference, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    He noted that, "the investigation committee was formed under our leadership and the membership of the Prime Minister's Office, ministers and security officials,"
    "It was proven to the committee that the attack on the prime minister's house was carried out by two drones. The attack was carried out by throwing two projectiles, one of them on the roof of Al-Kadhimi's house and the other in his courtyard,” he added.

    He explained, "One of the projectiles exploded and the second did not. We obtained the coordinates of the plane that targeted the house. Two teams of anti-explosives and forensic evidence were sent to the crime scene and the criminal evidences were taken,"
    “The attack with two projectiles confirms the direct targeting of the life of the Prime Minister. A second projectile that did not explode was found on the roof of the Prime Minister's house on the second day," he pointed out.
    Al-Araji, "We were surprised that two detachments belonging to anti-explosives and forensic evidence detonated the projectile without lifting fingerprints. The investigation committee decided to imprison two detachments responsible for detonating the projectile and transfer them to the Interior Ministry,"

    He pointed out that "the investigation will reach to find out the reasons behind not taking the fingerprints and detonating the projectile. The investigation committee requests those who have evidence about the incident as we are far from any political debate,"
    “The investigation committee is carrying out its duty without any pressure and carrying out its national duty, and has not yet accused a person or entity, and the investigation needs more time. The prime minister recommended the investigation committee to be impartial and professional as to keep the country's interest in mind," he included.
    He indicated that the investigation committee “has not sought the assistance of any foreign party so far, and it is possible to use the efforts of brotherly and friendly countries” to uncover the truth and take advantage of all possibilities, "We have important leads to reach the truth, and investigations must be given sufficient time for accuracy,"

    Al-Araji added, "The state has been facing a security challenge for years, as we must cooperate to detect those who are tampering with security,”
    “The radars cannot detect low-flying drones," he noted, stressing "We have confirmed and accurate coordinates for the place where the two planes took off and where they landed," noting that one of the two planes was assembled by a local industry and the projectile was made of plastic wrap,”

    He pointed out that "the components of C4 projectile explode sideways and not upwards," noting that "a testimony was taken from the Prime Minister's protection team and the fixed and mobile team, as it was proven to the investigation committee that the Prime Minister's house contains 4 exits and was evacuated after the explosion to a place security,”

    "The Prime Minister's house was subjected to a terrorist attack that targeted his life. It was 5 meters separated between the first and second projectiles, and they targeted Al-Kadhimi's exit and his seat," he clarified.
    During the conference, Al-Araji asked "everyone to help the committee with the information they possess," noting, "We asked the Prime Minister's office to provide us with the names of his visitors for past 10 days before the accident,”
    “The second projectile was detonated in the Tigris River," he explained, adding that "the two planes landed in northeastern Baghdad, and we detected their place of departure,"