WHO classifies the new Corona mutations calls it “Omicron”

  • 26-11-2021, 21:59
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    Follow up - INA

    World Health Organization confirmed that preliminary evidence suggests that the new streamer corona more infections than other, describing it as "worrying". 

    The World Health Organization named the new mutant of the Corona virus, “Omicron”, noting that the number of infections with the “Omicron” is increasing in all provinces of South Africa. 

    Today, WHO experts held a meeting to discuss the new variant of the Corona virus, which Appeared in South Africa, which is known as (B1.1.529) 

      WHO spokesman Christian Lundmeier said at a press conference, that the organization will share its recommendations with governments on what can be taken. 

    He added, that countries must determine what is related to travel procedures based on an assessment of risks, noting that researchers are working to determine the speed of the spread of the new variant, its transmissibility, and how it affects the treatments and vaccines used for Corona.