MOI confirms the possibility of traveling to 28 countries without a visa 

  • 25-11-2021, 21:36
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad Al-Talbi 

    The Ministry of Interior revealed, today, Thursday, that it has reached the final stage of completing the electronic passport, while indicating the ability of the Iraqi citizen to enter 28 countries without entry visa. 

    The Director of Passport Affairs in the Ministry of Interior, Major General Ahmed Al-Azzawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the ministry has reached the last stage in contracting to complete the electronic passport, as the Passports Directorate provided the technical study and all the requirements in the Directorate of Systems and Information in the ministry.". 

    Al-Azzawi indicated that "the electronic passport differs significantly from its predecessors, as the first page will be plastic and contain the holder's information that cannot be falsified, according to a certain system and conditions," noting that "the classification of the passport globally does not depend on the validity, but rather on the entry features granted to the country and on the commercial and political movement." ". 

    Al-Azzawi also added, "Currently, an Iraqi citizen can enter (28) countries without an entry visa," noting that "South Korea finally allowed the Iraqis to enter it provided they hold diplomatic passports, while Cyprus allowed entry to those who have a passport or a diplomatic passport." 

    Furthermore Al-Azzawi pointed out that "the political and economic situation is constantly improving and helps to advance the Iraqi passport."