Al-Ghizi directs government institutions to make Baghdad Forest a successful project

  • 12-11-2021, 13:55
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    Cabinet Secretary General Hamid al-Ghizi directed on Friday government institutions to make the Baghdad Forest project a success.

    "Al-GhIzi chaired the joint meeting between The Secretary of Baghdad, Alaa Maan, and the head of the Federal Financial Supervisory Office, Raffel Yassin Khudhair, and in the presence of the directors of the state real estate and real estate registration departments, to organize the management of joint files and address some administrative conflicts in the procedures for the completion of the Baghdad Forest project," said a statement from the general secretariat of the cabinet received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    "Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi stressed the interest in the project, as it represents an outlet for the residents of the capital to stay away from the routine of life, especially with a few parks in Baghdad," the statement said.

    "All government institutions have to work integrally between the various institutions to make the service file a success, including the Baghdad Forest Project," he said.

    Earlier, the Secretary-General of the cabinet had directed the allocation of a plot of land to establish the Forest Project for the benefit of Baghdad secretariat.