Cabinet Secretary-General: UNDP is extended for 3 years

  • 2-11-2020, 17:16
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    Baghdad - INA – Sajad Al-Mousawi

    Cabinet Secretary-General Hameed Al-Ghizi, announced the extension of the work of the United Nations Development Program in Iraq for 3 years.

    Al-Ghizi said during the anniversary celebration of the UN Security Council resolution on women, peace and security, to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today’s Monday, that "the work of the UNDP in Iraq has been extended for 3 years,"

    Al-Ghizi pointed to "the necessity of restoring the ratios and distributing them fairly among the governorates to implement projects paving the way for the return of the IDPs,"

    He stressed the importance of prioritizing important projects that contribute to the rapid return of the IDPs.

    In the same context, the spokesman for the General Secretariat of the Cabinet, Haider Majeed, confirmed the return of 58,000 displaced families to their areas in the liberated provinces.

    Majeed told (INA): "35 camps for the IDPs in Baghdad, Kirkuk and Kurdistan region have been closed,"

    “The 9th of this November, donor countries to support and finance projects in the liberated areas will be visiting the country soon," Majeed added.

    For his part, UNDP representatives announced the implementation of hundreds of services and humanitarian projects in the liberated governorates, stressing the continuation to qualify and implement projects in the liberated governorates in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Cabinet.

    The implementation of 271 services and humanitarian projects in Salah al-Din was mentioned during the ceremony by UNDP, referring to rehabilitating 20,000 residential homes in Anbar.