BPA emphasizes 4 points to increase state revenues  

  • 4-11-2021, 20:40
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    Baghdad- INA 

    The border port authorities, confirmed today, Thursday, on four points to increase state revenues. 

    The commission said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the head of the commission, Major General Omar Adnan Al-Waeli, chaired a meeting of the directors of the research and investigation departments at the border crossings," noting that "many important topics were discussed that advance the reality of the commission's work and its achievements.". 

    It is significant in terms of controlling revenues, controlling violations, preventing smuggling and imposing protection of the local product.”. 

    The authorities added, "The agenda was discussed, which included many important paragraphs, including preventing smuggling and manipulation of public money through fraud or manipulation of customs and tax duties, in addition to protecting the Iraqi consumer by not allowing the entry of materials that harm public health and are prohibited from import,". 

    Furthermore it also indicated Four points were emphasized: electronic auditing, data intersection for tax receipts, books of exemptions for goods, matching certificates of origin, invoices, and border sequences, as well as deliberation on other important issues aimed at ensuring the flow of work and increasing state revenues.