Tunisia's new government sworn in

  • 11-10-2021, 12:46
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    INA-  sources

    Tunisian President Qais Said ordered on Monday, to name the head of the government and its members. 
    President Qais Saeed issued the order to name the Prime Minister and its members, while the new Government was sworn in before the President of the Republic.

    "We are seeking to rearrange priorities, restore citizen confidence and improve government services," Tunisian Prime Minister Najla Bouden said.
    Tawfiq Sharafuddin was appointed interior minister, Imad Mamish as defence minister, while Osman al-Jarandi retained Tunisia’s foreign ministry in the new government."
    "Tunisia is experiencing historic and difficult moments with many challenges," said President Qais Said.
    "We will succeed in getting our country out of the situation it has reached, all files will be opened without exception, and one of the biggest challenges is to save the state from those who are lurking there at home and abroad," he said.