IHEC elaborates the reasons behind not including PMF personnel in the special voting

  • 2-10-2021, 11:45
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    The Independent High Electoral Commission clarified today, Saturday, the reasons for not including the personnel of the Popular Mobilization Forces in the special voting, stressing that their right to vote is preserved in the general voting.



    IHEC spokeswoman Jumana al-Ghalay told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "IHEC is very keen on the participation of the Iraqi citizens, whether they are voters or candidates; therefore, we addressed the Popular Mobilization Forces to provide IHEC with the name of their personnel, to register them in the special voting lists and issue biometrics cards for special voting.


    Al-Ghalay added that "PMF did not provide us with the names of their personnel, thus we listed them in the public voting".


    And she continued: "The reasons behind not providing IHEC with the data of PMF may be security, administrative or organizational reasons, I have no knowledge, but the Electoral Commission is very keen on the participation of all Iraqis".



    She stressed that "IHEC had received the data of PMF personnel after the end of the updating phase, which began 2/1 and ended in 15/4, while the data of PMF personnel came in 5/6, 50 days after the expiration of the specified period, where the register of the voters was certified and we started printing the register of the voters and the biometric cards".


    Earlier, The Supreme Electoral Security Committee had confirmed that it's completed its full preparations, in order to provide a safe and appropriate environment for voters and candidates, while providing protection for electoral centers.


    She pointed out that "It has a plan to prevent the influence of uncontrolled weapons on the electoral process and to protect candidates, voters and the places where elections are held".