IHEC confirms its readiness to hold the elections

  • 20-08-2021, 12:20
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    Baghdad - INA - Nassar Al-Hajj

    The Independent High Electoral Commission announced today, Friday, the completion of the logistical preparations for the upcoming electoral process, and while it reiterated its readiness to hold the elections on time, it indicated that it is in the process of conducting a second simulation to examine the devices for announcing the results at the end of this August.

    The commission's spokeswoman, Jumana Al-Ghalai, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The commission's work is technical, legal and administrative, and one of its tasks is to provide electoral security for the candidate and voter," stressing that "there is coordination with the High Elections Committee responsible for providing protection, security and safety of the entire electoral process." Including what concerns voters and employees inside polling stations, offices, polling stations and stations, and warehouses.

    Al-Ghalay added that "providing protection for voters and candidates outside the polling stations is the responsibility of the government.

     As for the responsibility of providing electoral security for the voter entering the polling stations, providing security for centers and the safety of employees and offices, it rests with the Supreme Security Committee for Elections."
    Regarding the exploitation of political money by some candidates, Al-Ghalay said: "The commission has formed main and sub-committees to follow up on electoral campaigns, and receive complaints from citizens who document such cases to take the necessary measures."

    She stressed that "the commission's door is open to receive all those who submit complaints about electoral violations and the exploitation of political money, but that it be documented with concrete and clear evidence to take the necessary measures on this issue."

    Regarding the withdrawal of some political blocs from the electoral process, Al-Ghalay confirmed that "the 3,249 candidates did not submit a request to withdraw, in addition to that, the Commission closed the withdrawal on June 20, as it was a deadline for submitting withdrawal requests."

    She also pointed out that "the commission continues its work and is currently working within the voting phase and is accomplishing its tasks," stressing that "withdrawals and talk of boycotting the elections do not affect the commission's work."