Integrity seizes a device allows smuggling goods and transferring information

  • 21-09-2021, 12:23
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    The Integrity Commission announced on Tuesday, the seizure of an electronic device that made it possible to smuggle goods and transfer information in the port of Umm Qasr, indicating that this device is prevented inside Iraq.


    The Commission's Investigation Department said in a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the cadres of the Commission's Investigation Directorate in Basra province were able, through a qualitative process, to seize an electronic device that is not allowed to be used in Iraq," noting that "this device is used by one of the influential civil companies for logistic services operating in the port, it contains an electronic chip and is used in communications.


    The commission added, "The device can be used in smuggling operations and transferring information about trucks and goods entering and leaving the port, and it was used without obtaining official approvals from the specialized side (the Media and Communications Authority), which is keen not to grant a license to use such devices for security and economic precautions, as this device facilitates the process of transmitting information from Iraq to abroad."


    It also pointed out that "the operation also resulted in the discovery of many other devices, such as: surveillance cameras and messaging systems for communications, computers and servers whose company had not taken the necessary approvals for their entry into the country and their customs fees since 2016, the matter that caused a damage the public funds.


    the department ordered that, “in order to continue work inside the port, and not to stop any of its processes , and in accordance with the directives of the specialized investigative judge, the seized devices were kept in their place after they were counted, photographed, and their information taken, in order to take the necessary measures.”


    It is noteworthy that the Integrity Commission announced last February that it was able to foil an attempt to pass a truck hidden with a communications system in the port of Umm Qasr, which is forbidden to be imported without the approval of the security services.