Salah al-Din Commission counts number of non-delivered cards for voters

  • 19-09-2021, 13:34
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    Salah al-Din-INA

    Salah al-Din’s governor warned on Sunday, candidates not to use security forces in their election campaigns, while the commission provincial office counted the number of non-delivered cards for voters.
    The governor of Salah al-Din Ammar al-Tamah said in a conference with heads of administrative units and security leaders devoted to discuss the province's preparations for the elections and was attended by the reporter of the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that "it is not allowed to falsify the elections or disturb security in the electoral centers," warning the candidates against "using the security forces in their electoral campaigns.”
    "The province will continue with the security services to secure polling stations across Salah al-Din," he said, denying that "there is a curfew in the province on polling day."
    "More than 85,000 electoral cards have not been received by voters," said Hamed Alwan, director of the Electoral Commission office in Salah al-Din,” calling voters to "go to receive the electoral card to ensure participation in the elections.”