Al-Fayyad: PMF and resistance factions are different, Tunisia incidents will not happen in Iraq

  • 31-08-2021, 19:42
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    INA - Baghdad

    Head of the Popular Mobilization Forces Authority - PMF, Falih al-Fayyad, confirmed that the PMF protected the state when the terrorist forces reached the outskirts of Baghdad.

    "the Popular Mobilization Authority is one of the largest forces that defend and has a primary role in preserving the state," said Al-Fayyad during his speech at Al-Rafidain Forum for Dialogue, attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    “Sovereignty is one of the most prominent components of the state, and there is no state without sovereignty. PMF is defending this sovereignty on the basis of law and constitution,” he noted.

    Al-Fayyad pointed out that, “ the survival of the state owes mainly to the fatwa and to popular mobilization, as the continuity of the presence of the Popular Mobilization Forces Authority is the greatest guarantee for the survival of the Iraqi state," noting that "the Iraqi state faces many challenges other than foreign challenges,"

    “These moral concepts do not allow for an experience like the one that occurred in Tunisia, which the President of the Republic, with his decisions, and the support of the army, was able to change a parliamentary and democratic system in one night," he referred, stressing that what happened in Tunisia was not named as “military coup” because of the presence of the President of the Republic. Such things will not happen in Iraq with the presence of many forces, including the PMF,”

    He stressed that "the crowd supports the idea of ​​the state, and it is the state's advocate, and sometimes it is the secret of the state's survival,”

    “There is a huge difference between the Popular Mobilization Forces; which is governed by a law legislated in Parliament; and the resistance factions,” Al-Fayyad noted, stressing the “need to separate the resistance factions and the PMF,”