Al-Khairullah: Baghdad conference will be held to strengthen partnerships with the participating countries

  • 26-08-2021, 20:40
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    Baghdad - INA - Harith Al-Ibadi 

    The Preparatory Committee of Baghdad Conference, revealed today, Thursday, the countries and international organizations that have confirmed their participation in the conference.

    "The participating countries are Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, the Emirates and France, in addition to the Arab League, the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation," said the head of the committee, spokesman for the Baghdad Conference, Senior Deputy for the bilateral relation at MOFA Nazar Al-Khairullah, during a dialogue table with a number of media institutions attended by the Iraqi News Agency (INA) which represented by Harith Al-Ibadi.

     Khairullah added, "The names of the participating delegations and personalities have not been announced so far. The matter is due to two reasons, the first is the technical conditions, and the second is the requests of countries not to announce their participation before the Baghdad conference. There are requirements that we will take into account in this aspect, and there are also no concerns that prevent the announcement of the names of leaders and participating countries."

    He pointed out that "the participating countries sent large delegations to the conference, and one of the countries participated with 80 personalities, another participated with at least fifty, and others did the same, and the matter is not limited to the participation of media delegations from those countries."

    In response to a question regarding the possibility of holding bilateral meetings between the participating countries, especially those who have bilateral differences , Al-Khairullah stated: "The Preparatory Committee's mission is to provide the appropriate atmosphere for bilateral meetings, and in all regional conferences there is an opportunity for dialogue and this depends on the desire of the countries to hold such meetings. We believe that the conference an opportunity to hold those meetings, and Iraq will prepare the means available to hold them, if those countries wish."

    Regarding Iraq's direct goal in holding the conference, he explained, "We are working to strengthen partnerships and projects with the participating countries in the Baghdad conference. The nature of crises and challenges in the region creates real opportunities for partnership, and this is what we are working on, and we believe that this desire is shared by Iraq and the participating country."

    In addition to that Al-Khairullah stressed that "the Baghdad conference will be held for one day only, next Saturday, and the participation of the invited countries in the conference represents support for the Iraqi government and the sovereignty and stability of Iraq."

    During the session, Al-Khairullah praised the coverage of the Iraqi Media Network, saying, "We noticed a high level of professionalism in reporting events in the Iraqi Media Network, and there is a great development in its work, and we believe that this is due to the management of the Foundation's president, Dr. Nabil Jassim."