Ministry of Construction: New plans and strategies to tackle housing crisis

  • 24-06-2021, 01:00
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    The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Municipalities announced, on Wednesday, adopting new plans and strategies to tackle the housing crisis, while stressing that the country needs 3 million housing units.

    The Director General of Housing at the Ministry Haider Al-Mayali told the "Tenth" TV show , which is shown on Al-Iraqiya state channel, followed by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that the country suffers from this crisis since the nineties of the last century.

    Al-Mayali added, Due to the financial crisis and ISIS attacks, the implementation of the plans stumbled, stressing that the first phases are the distribution of land to eligible citizens in all the provinces, stressing that the expansion of cities faces a lot of obstacles one of which is decision No. 80 of Ministry of Finance.

    In a related issue, parliament Services Committee, MP Abbas Yaber, said that housing complexes have granted unfinished investment licenses in all the provinces, adding that some investors started raising the prices of housing units without a feasibility study by the Investment Authority.