Special glasses design to translates sound into sign language

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  • 16-05-2021, 15:24
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    Follow-up - INA 

    An Egyptian student invented glasses that can translate sound into sign language, in a way that helps the deaf and mute integrate more into society and reduce their communication problems .

    Omar Abdel Salam is a student in the Department of Communications and Computers at the College of Engineering at Mansoura University. He started his project in 2015 after noticing the inability of many to communicate in the sign language used by the deaf and dumb, as they are forced to write to them on paper to convey the meanings they mean .

    Abd al-Salam said that he was subjected to an embarrassing situation with his father while he was traveling and stopped on the road at one of the car maintenance centers to fix their car tires, as the worker in the center was deaf , and when my father tried to write what he wanted, the worker failed to read what he wrote because he was not good at Reading or writing. "

    He adds, "Here came the idea of ​​glasses that translate sound into sign language and vice versa, so that the normal people can understand the deaf and the dumb down and vice versa. It can also help those who do not have the ability to read and write, and enable them to integrate more into community life."

    The student explained, "I started researching scientific innovations in this field around the world, and I found that researchers from the University of Washington created gloves that translate signals into sound, but they are limited to a certain number of signals and translate for people to understand the deaf and not the other way around. It does not solve the problem for the deaf when he wants to understand the others. "