Al-Kaabi calls for an international action towards zionist breaches in Palestine

  • 8-05-2021, 16:30
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    INA – Baghdad
    First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi criticized what he described as the international silence regarding the brutal crimes and widespread violations that the occupying Zionist entity is making in Jerusalem.
    “Al-Kaabi condemned the shameful international silence and some of the weak reactions of other parties towards these violations that the Zionist entity gangs is doing openly and in front of the eyes and ears of all countries, human rights and humanitarian organizations and all international media,” according to a statement of his media office received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).
    “The bloody acts that are happening now in Jerusalem, such as forced displacement, demolition of the role and confronting worshipers inside the mosque with bullets and bombs, is something that humanity in all its forms and teachings of the divine religions does not accept, and here the world must be certain that those who occupy the land of Palestine are gangs and mercenaries created by states that advocate democracy, and they have nothing to do with any religion," included the statement.
    Al-Kaabi called on "the Security Council and the United Nations to move quickly by forming a fact-finding committee and considering these violations as war crimes and flagrant violations to defenseless people. There must also be unified positions, whether expressed by Arab, Islamic or international countries, and not content with scant data that helped but contributed in one way or another the persistence of the Zionist entity, in addition to the need for international organizations concerned with human rights to stop these violations through their presence in the occupied territories, which are a clear violation of the Geneva Convention, war crimes and genocide in accordance with the principles and provisions of the International Criminal Court and are punishable by international law and international humanitarian law,”
    He also called on "the Palestinian people to join hands and unity in the face of the enemy of religions, humanity and peace," stressing that "Iraq will remain strong and supportive of the people and resistance of Palestine, and it will never be in the trench of killers,"