MOT announces the agreement with Daewoo to implement Al-Faw port

  • 22-12-2020, 14:08
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    Baghdad - INA

    Minister of Transport, Nasser Hussein Bandar Al-Shibli, announced today, Tuesday that the Ministry of Transport has been authorized by the Council of Ministers to contract with the Korean company Daewoo and to start implementing the Faw Port project.

    Al-Shibli said in a tweet received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA): We congratulate the Iraqi people and for the efforts of the benevolent and sincere people, the Council of Ministers voted to authorize the Ministry of Transport to implement the large port of Faw.

    "After hard effort and painstaking negotiations, we will proceed to sign with the Korean company Daewoo to establish the large Faw port, which is a dream that has long been a dream for Iraqis who want the revival of this country," Al-Shibli said.

    He pointed out that "the start of implementation will be within days after signing, as the implementation of the five projects that were agreed upon in the aforementioned contract will begin. They are important and large projects that will lead to good for Iraq. In addition to employing thousands of workers, these projects put the Faw port at the forefront of the ports." In the region, "stressing that" the Council of Ministers with all its members, as well as the General Secretariat and Parliament, had a prominent role in bringing this project to reality. "