MOT: negotiations are continuing with the Korean Daewoo

  • 8-11-2020, 12:44
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    Baghdad -INA - Nassar Hajj

    Transport Minister Nasser Al-Shibli confirmed the continuation of discussions with the Korean company Daewoo to implement the Faw port project.

    Al-Shibli told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Sunday: “The ministry is continuing to negotiate with the Korean company Daewoo regarding the large port of Faw, indicating that the company has two contracts in the port of Faw that will end in 2021.

    He pointed out that Daewoo had an exception from the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers by referring the Faw Port project directly to it, and the work it presented was excellent.

    He explained that the difference with the Korean company came on the depths, timescales and amounts, pointing out that in the event that no agreement is reached with Daewoo, there are multiple companies, including several Chinese that provided their services.

    The Ministry of Transport issued a clarification regarding the work of the Korean company Daewoo executing the large port of Faw

    In a statement received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA), the ministry stated, "Since the government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi assumed its duties, the great port of Al-Faw had assumed great importance and started actual steps for implementation. Negotiations were made with the Korean company Daewoo for several reasons, including that it had a decision by the previous cabinet to exclude it from The conditions of government contracts in order to speed up and raise the pace of work, and the company's and machinery and its engineering and technical staff are present in the workplace, which saves time and effort faster.

    The also statement added, "Daewoo has successfully implemented the western port breakwater, based on the above, negotiations were held for a period of three months by the Ministry of Transport represented by the minister and the advanced cadre with the former director of the company, in the presence of members of the Parliamentary Services Committee and the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, and an initial agreement was reached. To implement five projects, with a depth of the mooring basin and the navigation channel, at a depth of 19.8, for a total amount of two billion three hundred seventy million dollars, with an implementation period extending to three years.

    And she explained, "After the appointment of the new director of the Faw Port project, the Korean side represented by Daewoo attended, headed by the deputy director of Daewoo, who came from Seoul, as Daewoo demanded that the ceiling of implementation amounts be raised from 2 billion and 370 million dollars to 2 billion and 800 million if the ministry wanted. Depths of 19.8 ".