Basra Governorate: Daewoo operates in the port of Faw without delay

  • 17-12-2020, 12:39
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    Basra - INA

    Basra Governorate revealed the date of the resumption of work on the Grand Faw Port project, while confirming that the project's referral will be according to criteria determined by the Ministry of Transport.

    The representative of the Basra governor of the local government in Al-Faw district, Walid Al-Sharifi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Thursday, that "in the event that one of the two Korean or Chinese Daewoo companies wins to implement the Faw port project, work will start early next year," indicating that "the Korean company " still continuing to work at the port according to the previous agreement, as it received the project in advance and is still working on it without any delay or interruption."

    Al-Sharifi stressed, "There are specialized technical committees that deal with the offers submitted by the Chinese and Korean companies to take over the large port of Faw, and they are determined according to criteria determined by the Ministry of Transport."

    Yesterday, Wednesday, Minister of Transport Nasser Hussein revealed the details of the agreements with the Chinese and Korean companies regarding the Faw Port, stressing that Cabinet Resolution 63 qualifies Daewoo to work at the Faw Port.

    Hussein said, in a statement to the neutral program, that “the Faw port represents the future of future generations, as all the phases that the Faw port went through in previous years do not qualify us to say that there is a port,” pointing out that “Decision 63 of the Council of Ministers qualifies Daewoo to work at Faw Port. “

    He added, "The location of the Faw port is strategic and does not affect any other port," noting that "Daewoo will implement five basic projects in the Faw port."

    He continued, "We hope in the next session of the Council of Ministers to vote on granting the authority to sign with Daewoo," explaining that "the ministry insisted at a depth of 19 meters because it helps the largest ships enter the port."