PHC Directed to diversify the sources of importing the Corona vaccine

  • 10-12-2020, 12:24
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    Baghdad - INA - Noor Al-Zaidi

    The Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee announced the formation of a specialized committee to communicate with companies and import the Corona vaccine, confirming that there is a trend to diversify vaccine sources.

    A member of the committee, Hassan Khatti, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The Ministry of Health has formed a special committee to communicate with international companies and import the vaccine," stressing that "the trend is to diversify the sources of the vaccine, not to rely on one company."

    He added that "the special committee met with representatives of Pfizer, as well as communicating with the team of the International Vaccine Alliance, where there are more than a hundred countries, and Iraq is part of them, signed a memorandum of understanding, and the necessary funds were allocated to purchase the vaccine."

    He pointed out that "there are special conditions that have been approved, including two basic issues, the first is that the vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization, and the second criterion is that there is an ability for the producing company to provide logistical matters for the delivery of the vaccine to Iraq, because some vaccines It needs a certain temperature, and certain ocean conditions, in order to transfer it from one country to another.”