Cabinet spokesman announces a plan to pass the budget next year

  • 8-12-2020, 17:08
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    Baghdad - INA

    Cabinet spokesman and Minister of Culture Hassan Nadhim announced today, Tuesday, a plan to pass the budget for next year.

    "The government received support from the leaders of the political forces during the meeting today regarding the passage of the federal budget for 2021," Nadhim said at the weekly cabinet conference attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), pointing out that "Al-Kadhimi directed during today's session to hold an extraordinary session on passing Federal Budget Bill for 2021.”

    He added, "The council set up a plan to pass the budget law in the coming days," noting that "Al-Kadhimi directed the ministries to find job opportunities for people with special needs."

    He pointed out that "the government insists on holding the elections on time," noting that "the initiative for national dialogue aims to create a positive atmosphere regarding the elections."

    He pointed out that "the cabinet approved the inclusion of the Nasiriyah airport project within the aviation authority's investment budget, while it approved the policy and standards document for information security and approved the creation of four new colleges to accommodate the sixth preparatory students."

    He continued that "the Ministry of Oil has received large offers on the sale of oil with prepayment," noting that "the sale of oil with prepayment is under study and after its completion will be presented for the approval of the Prime Minister.