IMN organizes a training course for mass media graduates

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  • 6-12-2020, 12:52
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Media Training Institute of the Iraqi Media Network organized today, Sunday, a course for graduates of Faculties of Media in the field of editing press news.

    "The session is a response from the network to qualify media faculty graduates and bring them into the practical field by knowing the principles of journalism, which is editing the press news and how to collect information and choose its structure and address," said the lecturer of the session, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Iraqi Media Network, Dr. Jaafar Al-Wanan. "The aim of the session is to create basic keys for writing the news in a scientific and professional manner

    He added, "The participants received other information about the news, as the director of the Iraqi News Agency (Sattar Al-Ardawi) and the director of the news channel (Jaafar Al-Aedyi) were hosted, who presented the outcome of their experiences in pursuing the news, fixing the information, how to investigate it, and finally editing the news in an attractive manner that forces the recipient to follow it through The audio-visual and print media.”

    Al-Wanan continued, "The course is part of the task of qualifying and developing the media and journalism students, especially students of media colleges, as part of the practical practice project for editing the press news that is far from academic theories," noting that " there is a professional flaw in establishing curricular for students of the College of Media, being far from implementation."