Kurdish blocs call for a new agreement between the center and the region

  • 15-11-2020, 12:29
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     Baghdad - INA

    Kurdish blocs considered the vote on the law on financing the fiscal deficit in parliament without the Kurds as "contrary to the constitution." And while they ruled out their withdrawal from the parliament, they called for the need to conclude a new agreement between the center and the region regarding oil and border crossings.

    The MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Hassan Ali Ahmed, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that passing the law of financing the fiscal deficit without the presence of the Kurdish component is a violation of the constitution, indicating that borrowing according to the constitution requires the approval of all political blocs representing the components, whether Kurds, Arabs or minorities like Turkmen and others.

    He added that despite the continuous meetings held between the Kurdish blocs and the Shiite and Sunni blocs on the financing of the fiscal deficit law to reach a final version for the purpose of voting, but the law was passed without the Kurds.

    He continued, that he was supposed to fix the region’s share in the law, pointing out that the other blocs ’argument is that the Kurdistan region has not delivered oil imports to the national marketing company SOMO.