PHC exclude entering Iraq in the second wave of the Corona outbreak

  • 12-11-2020, 15:43
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    Baghdad - INA

    The Parliamentary Health and Environment Committee ruled out today, Thursday, the entering Iraq in the second wave of the outbreak of the Coronavirus, confirming that the country witnessed two stages of development, and did not record an increase in the number of infections.

    Committee member Hassan Khatti said to the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Expectations indicated that we will not enter a second wave, but we are still in the numbers of thousands of injuries, as well as the evidence that we have witnessed by virtue of the two variables confirming that Iraq may remain on this situation".

    He added, "This stage in which we witnessed two factors of development, which may have an impact within the natural path, in the visit of the forty and the occurrence of millions of gatherings in which we expected a significant increase, in addition to the second variable represented by the air change, but despite these two variables we did not witness an increase in the number of injuries, but rather on the contrary, we witnessed a decrease in the number of injuries.”

    He pointed out that "Iraq went through stages of the disease and not waves, as the first was the injuries that occurred from outside the country, and at that time the curfew was imposed, and the borders were closed, which had good results, but for a limited period."