Mulla Talal: The fiscal deficit financing law will secure salaries for the coming months

  • 10-11-2020, 14:48
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    Baghdad - INA

    Prime Minister Spokesman, Ahmed Mulla Talal, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the fiscal deficit financing law will secure salaries for the coming months.

    Mulla Talal said in the press conference attended by the correspondent of the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the reason for the delay in salaries is not this government nor its measures as much as it is the accumulation of years and bad economic and political performance, and there was an important meeting yesterday between Al-Kadhimi and the competent ministers as well as the Finance Committee." Andi t was a responsible meeting that paid off, as it was agreed to pass the fiscal deficit law.

    He added, "We were looking forward to passing the law on Thursday, but it seems that the House of Representatives is keen to advance this date, for tomorrow, so we hope that the vote will take place tomorrow, so that the government will start on Thursday to release the salaries of employees, and this also secures the salaries of the coming months with their timing."

    Mulla Talal pointed out that "the agreement with China is valid, and the fund that was allocated to collect the necessary funds for the establishment and implementation of projects with the Chinese side is still open, and funds are flowing to this fund, starting with building 1000 schools, which is part of the Chinese agreement."

     He indicated that "this government has specific criteria for openness with states, whether in the economic field or otherwise, and the most important criterion is the interest of the Iraqi people," explaining that "based on this interest, this government set out towards Egypt and the Egyptian delegation came and signed memoranda of understanding with it in several agreements, and under the same standards of the Iraqi-Saudi Coordinating Council. "

     He explained that "the level of cooperation between Saudi Arabia and Iraq exceeds what is imagined, especially after the recent rounds, and the Iraqi oil pipeline despite its importance, but it was established decades ago, and the level of benefit from cooperation with Saudi Arabia may negate or reduce that a point of contention arises, and Iraq's rights are reserved in communicating with the neighbor.”

     On the decisions of the Council of Ministers, Mulla Talal indicated, "The Council of Ministers has taken a decision to direct the government banks of Al-Rafidain, Al-Rasheed and the Iraqi Trade Bank to disburse an amount of $ 100 million to the South Korean Hanwha Company, which is implementing the Basmaya residential project, and this is a commitment that previous governments committed to before the South Korean company, and the government.  Also committed, "pointing out that" there are also two clauses that make it easier for citizens to purchase these housing units. The second included amending the Cabinet’s decision to reduce the minimum amount of the first payment made for Basmaya units from 25% to 10%. "