Google makes its products from recycled materials to protect the environment

  • 6-11-2020, 15:04
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     Google announced today, Friday, that all of its new products are designed using recycled materials, according to the company's sustainable systems engineer, David Bourne.


     According to a company statement, the back cover of the Pixel 5 phone is made of 100% recycled aluminum, and the new Nest Audio product is made of 70% recycled plastic, and will carry the sustainable cover made of fabric that we saw in the Nest Mini last year.  And in the Nest thermostat, the part that attaches to the wall will be made of recycled plastic that has already been consumed, according to theverge.


     "Google's focus on including recycled materials in device design not only supports our commitment to sustainability, but enables our supply chain partners to confidently invest in developing these types of materials, so that other companies in the consumer electronics industry can use them as well," Born said in a statement.  ".