IRSRA reveals five candidate countries to build a nuclear reactor

  • 3-11-2020, 12:34
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    The Iraqi Authority for Controlling Radioactive Sources revealed the existence of candidate countries for the establishment of the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

    The head of the authority, Kamal Hussein Latif, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Wednesday, that "five countries are candidates for the construction of the reactor, which are the United States, Russia, Argentina, South Korea and France," pointing out that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi during his European tour discussed the issue of building the Nuclear reactor with France.”

    The head of the Iraqi Authority confirmed that "there is great economic feasibility from establishing that reactor, such as the production of iodine from which Iraq imports annually for the governmental and private sectors up to $ 5 million, in addition to other isotopes that enter many industries and tests, the most important of which is the oil industry in examining the oil pipelines to determine the age of corrosion." And in the wells to determine the productivity and efficiency of its oil, which cost Iraq millions of dollars. "

    He added that "there will be a great benefit for the government sector through the participation of private investors in building the General Nuclear Hospital, which will specialize in nuclear medicine in detection and treatment, which Iraq suffers significantly from," noting that "the commission has accurate statistics of the actual need in the country."

    Latif pointed out that "there are many places prepared for the construction of the nuclear reactor in the event that Iraq agrees with one of the countries to establish it," noting that "one of the most important conditions that are available in the places on which the reactor is established is that the ground is essentially non-seismic and free of earth cavities," Groundwater is scarce, and it is close to water sources because it needs water for continuous cooling, in addition to that it must be above flood level, and such places are available in a number of governorates, after which geological investigations of the soil can be conducted by specialists.

    Regarding the staff who could work in operating this reactor, Latif assured that "Iraq can start preparing the human resources for the reactor for the required specializations simultaneously with its construction by appointing the first young men from the Faculties of Engineering in nuclear specialties, reactor technology physics and other fine nuclear specialties to identify about 100 students. And sending them abroad for in-depth studies in the field of technology and operating the reactors at the expense of the company that is working on building it, until its construction is completed by it for a period of five years, and then the human resource will be ready and ready to work on the project.