MOH: All treatments for Corona are available in hospitals

  • 1-11-2020, 12:45
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    Baghdad - INA - Muhammad al-Talbi

    The Minister of Health and Environment, Hassan Al-Tamimi, confirmed the provision of all medicines for treating Corona virus, despite their high cost.

    Al-Tamimi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the government supported the Ministry of Health, and that all medicines for treating Corona virus are available with the ministry despite their high cost, as well as the availability of other medicines."

    He added, "The ministry's measures regarding the Corona pandemic were represented by increasing the number of beds and opening low-cost field hospitals, in coordination with the holy shrines and other parties," indicating that "Iraq suffers from major economic problems as a result of low oil prices, and that the Ministry of Health has given way to the daily business of citizens. With wearing a muzzle and adhering to preventive measures. "

    And that "some affiliated health teams have indicated a lack of commitment by the shops, which must provide special thermometers to measure temperature, as well as provide sterilizers and wear the muzzle."