PEC: The Partnership Law will employ the unemployed and reduce the demand for government jobs

  • 22-10-2020, 10:46
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    Baghdad - INA - Noor Al-Zaidi

    The Parliamentary Economic and Investment Committee announced, today, Thursday, that Parliament is about to vote on the law on partnership between the private and public sector, stressing that the law can provide job opportunities and reduce the trend towards jobs.

    A member of the committee, Yahya Al-Ithawi, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "Parliament is going to vote on the partnership between the private and public sector law, as it is one of the most important laws."

    He added that "investment in Iraq, and law enforcement, can provide job opportunities, employ the workforce, and reduce the trend towards government jobs."

    He pointed out that "the amended investment law in Parliament includes several criteria, including its submission to international courts. The investor can file a lawsuit against the party extracted from him in the event his rights are taken from him, as well as his ability to own land inside Iraq, and take out hard currency when he has revenues." In addition to the possibility of bringing in experts and stakeholders from abroad and employment. "