Nineveh Operations Commander: The operation to cleanse the island of Kanaus will end the presence of ISIS remnants

  • 19-10-2020, 13:24
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     The Nineveh operations announced that the military units had crossed the inner bank of the island of Naous by boat, while indicating that the operation would end the presence of ISIS.

     The commander of Nineveh Operations, Major General Ismail Al-Mahlawi, said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Monday: "The Iraqi army special forces brigade was able to cross by boats towards the inner bank of the island of Kanous."

     He added, "Military engineering erected a floating bridge that was completed in record time, as the forces were able to transport heavy machinery and special forces and proceeded to advance towards the center of the island."

     He continued, "The forces began removing forest trees from the road in preparation for progress, stressing that the process continues until the island is completely cleared and all trees that constitute a suitable environment for the terrorist ISIS are cleared."