Appointment of composer Qoutayba Neaimi as a musical advisor to Opera Lebanon

Culture and art
  • 19-10-2020, 10:10
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    Opera Lebanon chose Iraqi musician Qoutayba Neaimi as its musical advisor.
    Al Neaimi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA) that he wishes « to shed light on the efforts of Opera Lebanon towards developing the operatic genre in the Arabic language, which is a great achievement,” stressing that he “is further thinking about enhancing an Arab identity for this contemporary operatic genre.”
    He added that "the art of opera is not yet fully supported and represented in most Arab countries, despite the fact that the Arab countries have all the necessary ingredients : a rich history, various local tales, many young artistic talents in the fields of performing arts and literature », noting that "with these resources, and with sufficient support, we will be able to fully develop a contemporary Opera in the Arabic language and with an arab identity, and export it to the world.
    He continued: "Verdi's operas, for example, are written in Italian, and performed by the Paris or Los Angeles Opera Houses, in their original Italian language (usually with subtitles). Therefore, I have no doubt that we can export our artistic works at the same European level if appropriate support is provided in every Arab country for this comprehensive art form. »
    Qoutayba Neaimi is a composer, a composition professor and an expatriated Iraqi violinist. He holds a diploma in music from the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad, a master's degree and a qualification as professor from the Belgian Conservatory, and previously worked as a member of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra.