Joint Ops issues a statement after two Katyusha rockets target a family in Baghdad

  • 28-09-2020, 16:53
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    INA - Baghdad

    Joint Operations Command issued a statement after two Katyusha rockets fell on a family in Radwaniyah district, Baghdad.

    "At a time when the government and security forces do their utmost to protect the interests of citizens, provide law and support stability, crime gangs and outlaw groups are alerted to practice their atrocities and commit crimes against safe citizens with the aim of creating chaos and terrorizing people, included a statement issued by JOC and received by the Iraqi News Agency (INA).

    The statement included “these gangs committed a cowardly crime this afternoon in the Al-Bu Shaaban (Al-Bu Amer) area in Al-Radwaniyah district, Baghdad. They targeted the home of a safe family with a Katyusha missile and completely destroyed it and caused the death of five people, (three Children and two women) where two children were wounded as well, and the place of rockets launch has been detected from Al-Jihad neighborhood.

    The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, instructed to deposit the security force, and all the security authorities concerned with the arrest, for failing to perform their security duties, and every force that neglects and allows such security breaches will be punished,.

    He also ordered an immediate investigation into the incident and the prosecution of the perpetrators regardless of their affiliations and their connections to obtain the most severe penalties.

    Al-Kadhimi stressed the need for all security agencies to intensify their intelligence efforts at the current stage to curb these crimes that terrify citizens, as he stressed that “these gangs are not allowed to go around, wander and tamper with security without obtaining their just penalty"