Fine artist Riad Ghania talks about his artistic experience in the time of Corona

Culture and art
  • 25-09-2020, 10:57
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    Baghdad - INA - Fatma Rahma


     It seems that the repercussions of the Corona virus were not only negative, but also reflected positively on the creative production of artists, whether in the field of painting, sculpture, or other arts.

     Fine artist Riyad Ghania has invested in the health ban imposed by the Crisis Cell in the past months by accomplishing some creative work, and about this experience, Ghania told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “I live alone in my studio, busy with artistic work, so that time passes without me noticing  With it, because I fill the void by drawing, cooking, reading and communicating with my students in the Department of Painting at the College of Fine Arts, stressing that “sitting at home gave me new ideas by drawing inspiration from the diversity of foods to create paintings bearing aesthetic suggestions and visions that I line on white canvas.”

     He added, "This long time that I spend at home gave my visual imagination in painting a wider horizon, and I began to think of new materials, through which I reconsider what I had previously accomplished, and think about what I will accomplish in the future of paintings and lectures to develop my students in college, and that what distinguishes my new paintings is  The appearance of the Corona shape automatically in these panels. "

     "During this period, I turn to electronic exhibitions to communicate with the public, to inform them of what they have drawn during this period," Ghania added, stressing that "he is waiting for the end of the pandemic to hold actual exhibitions on the exhibition halls, including a four-meter painting similar to Corona virus."