BPA: Al-Kadhmi directed the formation of an e-governance committee

  • 20-09-2020, 15:04
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Sunday, the Border Ports Authority announced that the Prime Minister has ordered the formation of an e-governance committee, confirming that the electronic system will work in the coming days, while indicating that the land ports are closed to arrivals except for those suffering from incurable diseases and students, indicating that the gray port works smoothly.

    The head of the Border Ports Authority, Omar Al-Waili, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): “Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi ordered the formation of an important e-governance committee, headed by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Hamid Al-Ghazi. ".

    He added, "In the coming days, there will be an automated electronic system, to reduce the existing corruption process, in order to tighten control over imports."

    He pointed out that "the commission developed a plan and strategy based on the existing data, problems and obstacles, and it was submitted to Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhmi after he assumed the position, and received great attention from him."

    He explained, "The border crossings are fully secured, after we requested a protection force from the Joint Operations Command, and immediately this force came under an order from the Prime Minister to provide protection, and holding the main gates, and prevent the entry of any person who is not legally authorized, in order to reduce corruption.”.

    He continued, "Then we proceeded to change the cadres working at the border outlets and operating departments, in order to advance the status of work," indicating, "upon receiving this task, the Corona epidemic was spreading in the world and Iraq, and most of the border crossings were closed where seven border ports remained operating."

    He stated, "The new administration was able, through following scientific methods and follow-up, to achieve revenues, control violations, and at the same time secure the entry of food, medicine, health supplies and oxygen, to prevent any shortages, as happened in neighboring countries."

    He pointed out that "the border outlets are an important resource for the state, as we achieved financial revenues that amounted to 97 billion dinars in July, and in August the revenues reached 107 billion dinars, a difference of 10 billion dinars from the previous month, and with only 7 ports, accompanied by zero fees. Customs duties and customs exemptions. "