MOIM: We have prepared plans to promote all factories and the private sector

  • 20-09-2020, 13:15
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    Baghdad - INA

    Today, Sunday, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals called for the reinstatement of the campaign to support the national product to advance the country's economic reality.

    Ministry spokesman Mortada Al-Safi told the Iraqi News Agency (INA): "The campaign to support the national product that was launched before the outbreak of the Corona epidemic had a great impact by increasing and developing production in various public, private and mixed sectors," noting that "these campaigns have resulted in a movement.

    The wheel of the economy and an increase in production and sales, providing financial liquidity to the country, and attracting manpower to operate it, but the entry of foreign product and the outbreak of the Corona pandemic affected the national product in recent times.

    He pointed out that “the ministry has prepared plans to advance all the ministry’s factories and factories and move towards the private sector in order to participate with the public to return the slogan“ Made in Iraq ”again, explaining that“ the plan included several axes, long, medium and short term, and these plans are measured according to proportions. The percentage of the parked parameter.

    He continued, "Some of the plants that have stalled at a rate of 30% or less need financial support, and these fall within the short-term plans." Products to the Emirates. "