Maritime Transport: We obtained approvals to develop new lines with the Gulf countries

  • 13-09-2020, 16:00
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    Baghdad - INA

    The General Company for Maritime Transport, affiliated to the Ministry of Transport, announced today, Sunday, that it has obtained approvals to develop new lines with the Arab Gulf states.

    The director of the company’s media, Talib Al-Badri, told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), that "the river section of the General Company for Maritime Transport, one of the Ministry of Transport formations, owns boats in all provinces that contain rivers or water bodies and have specialized river crews from the public company." He pointed out that "the mission of these boats to transport people and activate river transport to reduce the momentum in the streets."

    He added, "The most important obstacles that stand in front of the work of this directorate are the failure of the rivers to be dredged constantly through the Ministry of Water Resources, and this is their specialty because boats need certain depths in the rivers, in addition to the difficulty in obtaining security approvals in recent years, specifically in the capital, Baghdad." That "these obstacles were overcome and work began to activate the river section, but the decision of the Health and Safety Committee, due to the Corona pandemic, stopped the work of boats in order to preserve the safety of the families and people who use these boats from the risk of infection."