Simplified procedures for the mechanism for the return of IDP

  • 9-08-2020, 12:08
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    The commander of western Nineveh operations, Major General Jabbar Al-Taie, confirmed that the military forces continue to carry out operations to pursue the remnants of Daesh terrorist, while indicating that there are unremitting efforts being made to return the displaced to their homes.


     Al-Taie told the Iraqi News Agency (INA), today, Sunday, “The Operations Command in western Nineveh is carrying out, from time to time, and based on intelligence information, exposures against the remnants of Daesh terrorist gangs in the island of Mosul and the desert.

     He added that when the Western Nineveh Operations Command receives intelligence information, it studies and analyzes it in order to identify the enemy's whereabouts and its effectiveness, after which preparations are made for the implementation of an operation to hunt down terrorist gangs, and destroy their property and supplies that they use.

     He pointed out that the military units within the Western Nineveh Operations Command launched a few days ago, with the air support of the army aviation and reconnaissance aviation, exposures against Daesh terrorist gangs, through which they managed to destroy terrorist hideouts and their equipment, stressing the continuation of exposure operations to eliminate the remnants of Daesh.