New aid to Iraq from the WHO

  • 4-06-2020, 09:36
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     The World Health Organization revealed that close medical assistance will arrive in Iraq during the coming period to confront the Corona epidemic with a value of 3.6 million dollars, noting that the organization has provided during the last period various medical aid and equipment worth 1.3 million dollars.

     The head of the emergency team at the World Health Organization in Iraq, Dr. Wael Hahtat, said in a special statement he made to "Al-Sabah": "Medical aid by the World Health Organization from the WHO headquarters will arrive in Iraq soon to face the epidemic of Corona worth $ 3.6 million, including  About 176 thousand (psr) used in the examination and detection of cases infected with the Corona virus, and 50 thousand several laboratory isolation of the virus and 90 thousand devices for transmitting the samples, two million and 500 thousand ppe)) "protective suits and masks and medical shoes" and 88 medical beds and 100 surveillance screens for infected people,  As well as oxygen concentrators. "