Interior Minister: plans to coexist with the epidemic of Corona

  • 2-06-2020, 16:31
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    Baghdad - INA


     Interior Minister Othman Al-Ghanmi announced the formation of a committee under his chairmanship to follow up the preventive quarantine procedures, while pointing out that there are plans to coexist with the epidemic.

      Al-Ghanimi said in a statement to the Iraqi News Agency (INA), "The Corona epidemic started to spread and affected large numbers, and that there is no way to face it except the preventive ban in the absence of the vaccine."

     He added, "We formed committees in the Ministry of Interior, which include members of the community police and other sections of the ministry," noting that "there are plans to coexist with the Corona epidemic, which may last for months."

     On the other hand, Al-Ghanmi said that "the transfer of security forces from the borders to the city centers aims to follow the activity of the Daesh terrorist gangs and eliminate them," praising "the role of the security services in staving off the danger of natural disasters and the risk of flooding, and addressing the high water levels in many governorates."